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Khamis, Disember 24, 2009

Emel Buduh

emel dari pihak yang buduh

I am Engr.Ismael Abdullahi working with Tullow Oil companies plc here in Acajou South prospect approximately 24 km off the coast of Cote d' Ivoire West Africa.
I'm writing to you,regarding a request of transfering a sum of ($10.5 million) into your company or private bank account.

Kindly note; this transcation is a deal I and two of my
co-workers in my office here want to make included you as the forth person hope you will be capable to handle it very well and confidencial?
We want to present you or your company as one of a foreign
contractor who executed a project of installations and lying of oil pipes lines for our company worth this amount of ($10.5m) and has completed the project a year ago.
We shall prepare a document on your behalf here and secure the payment approval of this amount in your favour then transfer this money into your bank account that you may provide to us.

If you are interested to co-operate then get back to us fast so you will be advice how we can proceed immediately.
Waiting to hear from you fast
Best regards
Engr.Ismael Abdullahi

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  1. koh koh koh buduh gilo emel tu...
    tukam send nye lagi bertambah buduh...





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